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a close look at governor romney's campaign. even before that going back to the 2008 cycle, both senator obama at the time and governor romney, spending time with the editorial board. we have talked to the candidates. we have really explore the issues. is our endorsement matter? i think it does. it has been a century at least that we have endorsed a presidential candidate. it is part of our tradition. politics is indeed dna of the des moines register. we take very seriously the first in the nation status as a caucus state. we take seriously the ability to affect candidates that are not on the radar screen until after they emerge from iowa. very informal opportunity to sit down over coffee to talk about what is in front of us. what is the position for that. i do think our endorsement matters. we probably spent a lot of time doing diligence and being thoughtful in all of our conversations, particularly the final one to support governor mitt romney. host: we are talking with the editor of the des moines register. let me ask you about the process. you had a telephone conversation that ran 30
, an important part of the weekend game plan for both campaigns. three days until election day. both the candidates today in multiple battleground states. and 10 minutes, we will take you to englewood, colorado with mitt romney, joined by his wife. we will take you there live. sketch and to start at 8:25 -- scheduled to start at 8:25. president obama and mitt romney. here is a look at their schedule. obama will head to concord, new hampshire. and the president continues to hollywood, fla., after that. we have that live on c-span. then to cincinnati and wrapping up the day in aurora, colorado. mitt romney will be in the morning, iowa, then morrisville, pennsylvania. we will have that tomorrow evening at 5:25 and wrapping up in newport news, and virginia. busy campaigning for both campaigns. if you are in many of those that grow states, the advertisement wars have not stopped. here are two ads released today. >> if you are willing to stick with me and press on with me, if you are willing to work even harder in this election than you did in the last election, i guarantee you we will mov
of these convictions, do you think they will finally give both candidates and honest shake down and listen to what they have to say? from the indication of yard signs, i feel it romney win in my bones in pennsylvania. what say you? guest: the gentleman refers to an exceptionally difficult time, to put it mildly, four pennsylvania lawmakers where we have a large number being prosecuted by both the federal government and the attorney general of the state. the governor, when he was attorney general. this state has historically had problems among its public officials. having said that, i think the presidential election is viewed differently by the voters. they are not going to go back, for the most part, and say my state senator was indicted for public corruption charges, therefore i will not vote for president obama. i do not think that calculus those in to the presidential elections, at least when we talk to voters. they're quite capable of separating the two. in pennsylvania, we also have higher levels of partisanship than we do in many other states. it is still a state rooted in heavy partisanship
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3